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Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women In order to Stay Healthy and Fit

Soon approaching a time of fasting, for those who are currently pregnant need once you know this, that women who are pregnant and do not have a real fast so drastic effect on the health and condition of the baby when it was born later. Because according to various studies that have shown that fasting is good for one's health, especially for pregnant women. But in this case if the expectant mother has been ascertained in a healthy condition. Then by that for you kaena pregnant women should consult first health and your pregnancy if you want to fast. The following will describe the various studies associated with maternal fasting. This study aims to be more emmantapkan you especially pregnant women when fasting, including the following sa adalahs.
There are some studies have obtained results that Abdan weight of a baby is not as affected by the condition of fasting or not fasting is done by the expectant mother. Likewise with IQ or kecedasan baby. Then there is the conclusion there is no relation, but all depends on the state of health of pregnant women and in keeping the intake of nutrients in the body.
In some studies also states that the blood samples of pregnant women who fasted and fasted did not show a change but it is not harmful to health and mother and child.

But if you are still worried about your baby's condition while fasting, try to pay attention and do some of these tips!

Fasting Tips for Pregnant Women For a Stay Fit

Noting Type of Food
When you want to start fasting important thing you do is make sure the type of food you eat so that you get a balanced diet such as for example grains, Cereal, fruits and vegetables. In addition there are some doctors who believe fasting is also done by the mother understood very good for the health of the mother and fetus. So that's why if you're benard natural healthy condition try to do fasting and certainly should keep the intake of nutrients that have been mentioned earlier.

Fulfill Needs Body Fluids
To meet the fluid in order to avoid dehydration problems, you try a lot minun when the evenings. So with that condition of the body will stay in shape when fasting. Consume water as much as you can afford. This will not adversely affect the health of your baby but it will nourish either the fetus or for pregnant women.

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates when Sahur
When dawn usahan you avoid carbohydrate-containing foods such as chocolate, candy and so forth. Because these foods can stimulate the production of the hormone insulin to burn sugar in the blood. So with so you will experience fatigue, dizziness and stomach ached. To avoid it should fulfill foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, fish, because all it dpat keep you full longer.

Routine Checking Content
For pregnant women who fasted during pregnancy is important to check the condition of pregnancy. Due to this we will know the healthy development of the fetus. Additionally, it will make us know to stop or continue fasting. If you are not routine examination might endanger the health of the fetus and the expectant mother.
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